Amira's rich reports provide actionable insights teachers can use to understand student and class performance and differentiate Spanish-language instruction.

Available Reports

After a student completes the assessment in Spanish, the following will populate with data on the students' reading mastery skills.

Tracking, Benchmark, Progress, Parent and Dyslexia Risk reports will populate with Spanish assessment data. The Instructional Recommendations Report is not yet available for Spanish-language assessments.

All reports will show data from the most recent assessment. Toggle to the Spanish radio button to view results in Spanish.

Spanish Assessment Story Titles

Kindergarten: Meme y el fútbol

Grade 1: Pajaros

Grade 2: El Festival del Charro

Grade 3: El temblor

Grade 4: Volcanes

Grade 5: ¿Por qué los camellos tienen joroba?

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