Students can select to read authentic Spanish Practice passages accompanied by micro-interventions in Spanish.

When a student logs in, Amira will present a choice. The student can opt to read a story in English or in Spanish. This choice is presented each time a student reads with Amira. The student is free to go back and forth between Spanish and English as often as desired.

Amira will provide Science of Reading based micro-interventions to coach students as they read out loud.

Listen to Spanish Stories

Amira currently has dozens of Spanish stories available for every grade level. As with English, the library will continue to grow. All of the stories in Amira were written in Spanish and are authentic and original to the language. Most were created by the award-winning authors at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Amira’s micro-interventions compare in Spanish and English?

Amira uses the same set of interventions in both languages. All of the major interventions (tutoring techniques) used by Amira to build English reading mastery are used in Spanish, including sound boxes, lip syncing videos, sound outs, fun facts, rhymes and definitions.

2. Is the Early Reader Scaffold available in Spanish?

No, not yet.

3. Is Spanish Practice scored immediately?

Yes, because Practice sessions are “low stakes” and don’t require the full psychometric standards of the assessment sessions, both English and Spanish practice sessions are scored quickly and almost never go into the “Under Review” pipeline of re-scoring.

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