As an administrator, you have a report available to help determine which students need to complete an assessment during the current testing window.

The District-Level Tracking Report will give administrators a clear picture of the assessment status for students in the district.

To retrieve the file follow the steps below.

1. Log into with an administrator account to access the Admin tools.

2. Click District-Wide Results.

3. For the entire district, select Download Report in the District-Level Report section beside the Tracking _*OY report.

This report is only available at the District level.

Before using the file, you may want to remove duplicate students and apply any filters as outlined below.

To remove duplicates, follow these steps:

  1. Open the file in Excel

  2. Select all cells

  3. Click "Remove Duplicates" in the top toolbar in the 'Data' tab

  4. Select Column D (the student ID column)

At times, you may have students populated in the report from grades that do not typically assess with Amira. If this happens, you can create a filter on the Excel file following these steps:

  1. On the 'Data' tab, click the Filter icon

  2. From there, you can filter out grade levels or schools you do not wish to see by clicking the filter in the header row

Once your file is filtered and sorted, refer to Column K, labeled overallAssessmentStatus. Here is a list of statuses and actions to take:


What it means

What to do next


Student has completed the assessment

Nothing is needed


Student is currently taking an assessment or has logged out mid-assessment

Ensure the student completes the assessment by logging in again if necessary


Student has not yet started an assessment during this testing window

Ensure the student has been assigned an assessment and that they log in and complete the assessment


Student completed the assessment, but there was an issue which led to an invalid score

The student should be reassigned the assessment via the Tracking Report

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