When you first integrate Amplify for Eventbrite, you create an organization keyword. Your organization, and the event keywords that you can create for each of your events, are used by customers to request event details and complete their ticket purchases through Amplify's native text-enabled payments system.

The Keyword You Create

Organization Keyword - people can text your organization keyword in to subscribe and receive listings for your events to purchase your Eventbrite tickets. When a customer has subscribed, you are able to find them in your Contacts database and include them in a Contact List to send them Amplify messages to market and sell your Eventbrite tickets through their native text applications.

System Keywords

HELP - subscribers can text in keyword "HELP" to receive a message that contains information about how to opt-out or receive further assistance.

STOP - subscribers can text in keyword "STOP" which will unsubscribe them from receiving any more messages. They can text in your organization Keyword again if they would like to resubscribe.

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