Question forms for inspections

You can set up question forms with various types of questions (traffic-light, image, single-select, multi-select, text, date, time, and handwriting), and then answer these questions on the Questions screen while creating or editing inspections.  

Tip Learn how to set up question forms, assign question forms to inspection types, and answer inspection questions.

Set a default customer

You can set one of your customers as default, so that when you create multiple inspections or work orders for this customer you don’t have to select the same customer again and again. 

Tip Learn how to set a default customer.

Highlighting services added to inspection or work order

You can see how many times a service has been added to inspection or work order and what is the total amount of this service. 

Improvement in the navigation menu of inspection wizard

You can see the name of assigned question form, visual form, and service package below the appropriate inspection wizard steps in the navigation menu. 

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