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What Can I Track With Auto-Responder?

Buyer Email - Track who you're emailing and quickly check if addresses are correct and are importing without any issues.

Buyer Name - Get to know your buyers personally, and see if any are recurring regular customers. Make your customer communication more personal by adding buyer names to them, or remove them completely if you're targeting businesses

Campaigns - Quickly see which campaigns are working and which need tweaking. If you expect to see a campaign, but don't, check your settings and make sure nothing was overlooked.

Templates - Sort and view by templates and determine what work best and what needs improving. Refining your templates is a surefire way to improve open rates and increase customer retention and conversions!

Amazon Order ID - Know exactly what order your Auto-Responder Email is associated with quickly and conveniently. Take less time to make informed Customer Service related emails and focus more on marketing and conversions.

SKU - Sort by SKU and see what products you're selling most. Rocket Reply makes understanding your powerful automated customer engagement easy.

Date Sent - Know when you first emailed and take the guess work out of your customer engagement. Automation works best when it's not obvious, and knowing the details of your messages allows you to jump in if you have to and give emails a personal touch with minimal effort.

Date Opened - The tracking email function in Rocket Reply's Auto-Responder tracks open rates, giving you insight into which customers are most engaged and what campaigns work best.

How Do I See Auto Responder Scheduled & Sent Emails?

-- Inside of the Navigation pane, select the Emails tab to see all Scheduled and Sent emails

-- The screen (after you have emails scheduled or sent) should look something like this

-- You can sort by any Category Column simply by clicking on the Category Title
      a. Buyer Number
      b. Buyer Email
      c. Campaign
      d. Template
      e. Amazon Order ID
      f. SKU
      g, Sending Date
      h. Opened Date

-- Not only does our Auto-Responder give you valuable information around the open rate of your emails, it also gives you the ability to troubleshoot if something goes wrong. See exactly what you're sending to each customer by selecting Send Preview in the Action column on the right hand side of the screen.

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