Can I Speak to Someone on the Phone at AMZ Tracker?

No, unfortunately not. We do not offer phone support at this time.

We have built the new AMZ Tracker Help Center to answer all of your questions faster and easier than ever.

Please browse the Help Center to find the answers to your questions and learn to use the tools better.

If you still can not find the answer to your question you can click the "CONTACT" link at the top right of the Help Center which will popup a contact form.

Our team is happy to help you in any way we can, via email. Just let us know :)

I updated my title or images in Amazon, will they update in AMZ tracker?

YES they should update inside of AMZ tracker within a few days.

But if you would like to help speed it up you can try using the On Page Analyzer tool. This will force a refresh of the data collection to get the newer information.

What information can I see about my competitors?

You can use almost all of the tool in some way to research your competitors products, or simply do market research on a new niche. Below you will find some basic tips to get you started.

Rankings Tool

You can add any product, such as your competitors or a new item you're looking to do market research on in the Rankings tool. Add it the same way you would any other product your tracking. We have a great guide on how to use the Rankings tool.

Sales Tracking Tool

After you've add your competitors product, enable the Sales Tracking to see how many unit they are selling. Again, this is also a great way to research a potential new niche.

If the competitors sales results can't be tracked, such as too many units in stock (over 1,000), then add another competitor. Just pick the next one and try again with their ASIN.

Negative Reviews Tool

By enabling to monitor your competitors you can see what the buyers are saying about them.

  • What don't they like?
  • What doesn't it do but promised to?
  • Did it break easy or was it made of poor material?

With this information you can improve your product around what the customer is asking for/complaining about. Or you can look to revise your Amazon listing to address these customer concerns or explain why your product is superior.

You can also using negative review tracking for future for market research on new products/niches, using the negative review feedback to build a better widget and they outsell the competition with a superior product.

On Page Analyzer Tool

Why not analyze your competitor listing. See if they are more optimized that yours. Can you learn anything from their listing to improve yours? Read their title and description to see what keywords they might be chasing, and then see if you're interested to target them too.

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