Our Negative Reviews tool is here!

You can find it by clicking on 'Negative Review Alerts' from the menu on the left side.

1. How to Turn on Review Monitoring?

  1. Go to the 'Rankings' tab.
  2. Click on the 'Heart' icon for the product.
  3. Review tracking is now enabled or click it again to disable.
  4. Click on 'Negative Reviews' from the left menu to access your reviews.
  5. Wait for at least 24 hours for us to gather any reviews found.

Each day we will sweep your Amazon listing and check for any reviews with 3 stars or less. If we find one, it will be added to the Negative Reviews tab. You are easily able to identify that there is a new review to look at by the count listed beside the left menu line item.

2. What Do You Consider to be a Negative Review?

If you're getting reviews of 3* and below, we would consider this a 'bad' or 'negative' review. You want to be aiming for 4* and above in order to really stand out from your competitors and get those sales coming in

3. How Often Do You Check For Negative Reviews?

The AMZ Tracker system checks your listings once per day to see if there are any new bad reviews.

4. I Have Just Received Negative Feedback, What Should I Do?

Read Amazon's Awesome Advice on How Best to Respond to Negative Feedback:

'Most sellers will eventually receive some negative feedback. When you receive negative feedback, put it in perspective. A 0-2% negative feedback rate is great. If your negative feedback rate is greater than 5%, you may want to review your business practices and adjust to the demands of your customers.

When you receive a negative or neutral feedback, there are several ways that you can respond:

5. How Can I Remove a Negative Review from the Tool?

You many want to remove negative reviews from the tool after you've seen them as to free up more capacity to show extra bad reviews due to limitations on your plan.

Or if there is a duplication of a bad review and you just want to remove one.

Note: This does not impact Amazon or the review on Amazon.

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