How to Turn On Sales Tracker from the Rankings Tab

All you have to do is click the magnifying glass icon, that's it! 

Why Should I Turn on Sales Tracking?

  • This amazing feature can track the sales of your competitor’s products.
  • It’s a great way to assess the economic viability of a niche or product, before making any investment.
  • Spy on your competitor’s, discover new untapped niches, or keep an eye on which way your sales are trending.

Make sure you have added the product in your AMZ Tracker Dashboard - To see how to add products, see here. Ensure you have selected 'Track Parent Product and all Variations' (if you want to track all variations under one product, you will need to do this).

Switch on Sales Tracking

  1. Turn Your Sales Tracking On - See here on how to do this.

Select the Right Icon

  1. In your Sales Tracking dashboard, for the product you want to check sales for, hover over the table icon.
  2. You should see a box appear with the text 'Show Variations Table'.
  3. Click on this icon.

6. How Do I View The Sales Graph For Each Variation?

Well, you will see a dropdown of each variation for your product

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