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Q: Why Is The Sales Data Off?

  • Our Sales Tracking tool is not 100% accurate all the time.
  • We have limitations we have to work with.
  • If the product crosses one of those lines, you will see a red warning on the left side of the product listing.
  • Check your Merchant ID is correct - this will affect your sales data see here for finding your Merchant ID.

Note: This tool is best used to get an idea of your competitor's sales, but not for tracking your own
 (you have the real data for that) 

Q: What Does The Red Warning Sign Mean?

There could be a few reasons behind the red warning sign:

  • If there are over 1000 units in stock, this interferes with our ability to track sales accurately.
  • If there are multiple sellers on the same ASIN number, this also causes a problem.
  • If inventory levels are extremely low or zero, this can also impact the sales tracking.

Q: So What Should I Do Now?

  • You should delete any abnormal or outlying days on the graph so you will get a more accurate picture of the sales you are interested in.
  • By looking at the graph you will be able to tell if it is accurate or not.
  • If inventory and sales levels are pretty consistent and believable, then it is good.
  • Click the product image to drop down the graph and see what data we are able to get.
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