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  • 1. Why should I use
  • 2. Are "Promotions" and Vipon within Amazon's terms of service?
  • 3. Which AMZ Tracker plan give me access to the Vipon?
  • 4. How many sales will I get using the promotions tool?
  • 5. Does Amazon still take the FBA fee when I sell my product for $1?
  • 6. Can I use FBM or only FBA? How do I display any shipping charges?
  • 7. Will this work for any other Amazon stores besides the U.S?
  • 8. Does this work for Kindle books? Or other digital products.
  • 9. I'm a vendor not a seller. Can I use
  • 10. How do I get started launching a product?
  • 11. Can I Become a Shopper? Where can I sign up?

1. Why should I use

The sales that you get on Amazon are critical to the success of your business. Over 55 percent of product searches start on Amazon with keywords. However, when launching a product it can be difficult to get seen by shoppers and get traction for your product. So, when launching a new product on Amazon, your future success will depend on getting your product in the hands of real shoppers.

We created Vipon to give you an edge on your competition by allowing you to get your product in the hands of real shoppers that care about the success of your business and products.
 Our Deals Community is an ethical network of shoppers where you can offer heavily discounted and free products to real shoppers. is the perfect way to launch your new products and increase sales. We have a large number of shoppers in our network and they are extremely eager to try new products, share their experience with friends and families and help boost your sales.

2. Is "Promotions" and Vipon within Amazon's terms of service?

Yes! We have structured the deals community to be in compliance with Amazon's TOS and the Promotions Tool is one of the best ways to promote your product to real shoppers, increase sales of your products and dominating your competition.

3. Which AMZ Tracker plan gives me access to Vipon?

This feature is available for all AMZ Tracker users on the "Professional" ($100/m) and up plans.

If you need to upgrade your account please see Q: How can I change my plan?

4. How many sales can I get using the Promotions tool?

The AMZ Tracker Promotions tool is available for all sellers. However, we can't guarantee the number of sales from Vipon shoppers, as this will greatly depend on your product and the discount you offer.

Our industry leading "Promotions" tool will help you edge your competition and launch your new products into the worlds largest deals community.

5. Does Amazon still take the FBA fee when I sell my product for $1?

Yes, the Amazon FBA fees apply to every order. The fees are partially based on the final cost of the product. Therefore even if you sell it for $1, there will still be Amazon fees. However, they should just be a lot less then if you sell at full price.

You can use this Amazon FBA Fee Calculator as a guide to the fees based on changes to your items price.

You will notice that some fees, such as "Order Handling" stay the same regardless of price changes.

6. Can I use FBM or only FBA? How do I display any shipping charges?

You can use fulfilled by merchant (FBM), but we warned that the response rate will be lower than fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). Many shoppers have Amazon Prime accounts and are accustomed to free two-day shipping. Having to pay for shipping could act as a deterrent to potential shoppers.

We have now updated the Promotions setup to show'Shipping' details for the seller.

For FBA sellers, you don't need to add any shipping. Simply check that the auto selection has picked up the correct shipping method of FBA.

For FBM, shipping by merchants, you will need to disclose if any shipping is charged.

Example 1. Free product with $2.99 shipping.

Example 2. $1 product with $2.99 shipping.

7. Will this work for any other Amazon stores besides the U.S?

We have a Vipon community in the US ( and the UK ( and while our shoppers are mostly in these markets, we have shoppers in many countries and Amazon markets around the world. So, you can list and offer Deals Community offerings for any product in any country, including:

Canada (
 Germany (
 France (
 Japan (
 India (
 Brazil (
 China (
 Italy (
 Spain (

We will also add other country specific clubs soon!

8. Does this work for Kindle books and other digital products?

Ok, so with kindle books or ebooks you can not use Vipon, this is because Amazon does not allow coupon codes to be created for them.

But, the other tools still work great. You can track rankings, use Super URL's, on-page analyser, keyword research and a lot of the other great features no problem. Our new autoresponder feedback tool, Rocket Reply and Merchant Metrics, that will very soon be included free of charge with all current AMZ Tracker subscriptions, can also be used.

For digital products, if you are able to create a coupon code, then you can use the Deals Community. If not, this is won't work. Some sellers have suggested the use of Gift Cards, however, our system is not designed for this use.

9. I'm a vendor not a seller. Can I use the Promotions tool?

It appears not. As a vender, you use Amazon Vendor Central and not the Seller Central. As a vendor, you don't have the ability to create coupon codes and therefore you can't use our ART Deals Community.

However all other functions of the tool will work just fine.

10. How Do I Get Started launching a product?

You can get started launching your product by signing up for an AMZ Tracker plan, a list of plans can be seen at this link:

  • After signing up, you can set up a promotion in the Deals Community and offer your product at a discount to real shoppers.
  • Vipon is one of the worlds largest networks of shoppers, we'll help get your product into the hands of buyers who have an interest in your product.
  • As more shoppers purchase your product, you will start to see your sales increase, this will help increase your rankings.
  • And, then, if you’ve done your homework and created a product that does what you said it will do, it shouldn’t be a problem to get more sales and gain traction for your product.
  • If you’re getting a lot of bad feedback, you need to take an honest look at your product and your process and see what’s causing your customers to be unhappy, and then fix it!

11. Can I Become a Shopper? Where Can I Sign Up?

Sure can. Visit!

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