To sign up and start receiving donations, simply complete this registration process.

To help you get started, here are a few hints and tips to help you on the way.
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Firstly, you need to create a wallet that holds the JUNO that you need to pay for the blockchain transactions. These are, like taxes, a fact of life!

Fortunately, the JUNO transaction fees are very low - less than $0.01 at the moment.

The wallet is called a KEPLR wallet and the instructions to install the extension and create one using your own google account can be seen on this very short video.

You can also create one using a seedphrase, as shown here but Remember, keep your seed phrase written on paper, duplicated somewhere just in case, but always safe and secure.

If you want more than one person to access the account, they can also create their own wallet in this way. Linking the accounts is a job for another day!

Next is the Angel Giving registration process.

We recommend getting the documentary evidence ready to upload before you start registering.

ESSENTIAL for all - Proof of ID such as a photo of your driving licence or passport, proof or registration as a charity.

NEEDED FOR HIGHER TIER ACCESS - one set of accounts from the last two years, and one set of the last publicly available/audited accounts.

Once you start, you get an email with the application code and you can stop and start the registration at any time using that code. For example, if you do need to gather copies of documents for higher tiers.

  1. Start the registration

    Validate your email - this is quick to do but HAS to be done before you submit your application.

  2. Add in details of your charity and who you are.

  3. Add your proof of identity as a pdf or jpeg

  4. Add the PDF documents that prove your status as a charity or show your application for charitable status. The number of documents provided enables increased access to the marketplace and automated donations.

  5. Connect your KEPLR wallet to automatically populate the JUNO address in the account

  6. If all’s good, and your email is validated - submit the application.

Once complete, we check the application and you will receive an email to indicate success or rejection of the application, with a reason. You are able to resubmit at a later date if rejected.

If successful, (and you are a new account) your account will be up and running, your $100 kickstart funds will be in your endowment and we will also have sent some JUNO to cover about 400 future transactions you make!

Congratulations on joining the Angel Giving community.

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