Angelcam now offers a new feature in which you can visibly manage your Angelbox, DIY Angelbox, Angelcam-Ready camera or any other device running our firmware. 

Navigate to the Main menu -> Device management

And you will See a page similar to this one

The device management feature gives users a simple visual overview, of the aforementioned devices paired to their account. Device management offers the following bits of information to help troubleshoot & manage your equipment:

  • A simple list of additional devices connected to the given user account

  • Device ID info for easy identification

  • MAC address info for easy identification

  • Status (online/offline) for troubleshooting

  • UUID as an additional identification option

  • Date and time when the device was registered for the first time

  • The number of connected cameras and their names

  • Direct link allowing the user to instantly see the detected cameras with an option to add those to the account

  • Unpair button in case the user wants to remove the camera/AngelBox, reconnect it or migrate it to a different account

These are the basic features which were most frequently requested by Angelcam users. We intend to further improve the functionality to provide even more detailed info for possible troubleshooting and adding support for additional devices or services which become compatible with Angelcam. 

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