99 % of incidents can potentially be diverted as a result of audio warnings.

👉 Set up your system to trigger prerecorded messages in response to potential criminal activity or to notify an operator or guard to speak directly to a culprit.

Either way, there’s a good chance you’ll send potential loiterers and potential offenders hurrying away. You can also use prerecorded or live messages to safely and reliably deliver crucial safety information and instructions regularly or in emergencies.

Typical usage

  1. Deter a trespasser automatically with a pre-recorded message

  2. Intervene remotely with a prerecorded message or speak live directly to a culprit

Supported devices

  1. Axis network speakers

  2. Axis cameras with a built-in speaker, e.g. M1065

  3. Any active speaker with a 3.5 mm audio jack (via AngelBox)

💡 Read the success story of how eKolo solved their security situation with the speakers

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