ℹ️These features are accessible to Admins and Publishers.

Adding files or folders to a Room is simple. If you want to upload multiple files and folders at once, learn how to bulk upload.

Once the files are uploaded, reorder files and folders in the Document index.

💡Tip: Files that are encrypted or have security from a previous Room applied are unable to be uploaded. To upload the file, security will need to be removed. Once the file has been uploaded into the Room, Ansarada Security controls can applied. Learn more about Security here.

To add files and folders to a Room, follow these steps:

You can drag and drop files using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The bulk upload screen only appears in these three browsers.

💡Tip: The Bulk upload tool can also upload an empty folder structure from your computer. Simply create the folder structure on your computer, zip the folders into one zip file and then follow the below steps.

1. Go to the Left menu. Under Manage, select Documents.

2. Select Add and choose Bulk upload.

3. An Upload screen will appear.

  • In Internet Explorer and Firefox: To upload multiple folders zip everything first, then drag the .zip file into the Upload screen.

  • In Chrome: Drag and drop any file or folder into the Upload screen. The file does not need to be a .zip. 

4. Select Change to change the location that the files should be uploaded to in the Document index.


  • Find the parent folder and subfolders that the document will live under.

  • Select the button next to that folder.

  • Select Change.

5. All uploaded documents are Disabled by default. Under Security, choose if you want the files and folders to be Enabled or Disabled.

Disabled documents do not appear in the Document index until they are enabled. They can be viewed by everyone on the sell side.

Enabled documents appear in the Document Index, but only to people who have been granted access through the use of security. Documents can only be enabled and disabled by Admins and Publishers.

💡Tip: Uploading all documents and folders as disabled allows the Admin to setup the project or sensitive folders before granting access to guests. To do this, upload the documents as disabled then set up security access to the documents for a group(s) of users. Only enable the documents once everything is correctly set up. Click here to read more about document status.

6. Under Settings, choose to Replace existing items, Use my numbering and/or Notify data room users.

💡Tip: Don't use your own numbering unless all other files and folders in the Room use your own numbering. Ansarada's auto numbering can number the files for you.

7. Select Start.

💡 Tip: Admins and Publishers can also add files straight into the Index as a shortcut by selecting the Item menu next to the folder, then selecting Bulk upload.

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