Full System Overview (31 Minutes)

00:02 Introduction

01:00 Logging into the administration area

01:05 The Dashboard and viewing a booking

05:33 Making a telephone booking

11:00 How the online customer makes a booking

13:35 The Customer Login area

15:25 The back office availability chart

16:43 The Bookings List – viewing and searching for all your bookings

19:10 Enquiries, Lists and Customer Records

21:35 Reporting

27:00 The Setup and configuration area

28:35 Tools, refreshing your availability and connecting to sales channels

29:27 Your account area

30:20 Rounding up. Getting in contact with us to run through your specific needs.

What’s Next?

Give us a call on 01326 574660 or email sales@anytimebooking.co.uk to get a detailed Q&A and get started with managing your bookings.

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