Sync Availability with Cool Camping

Instructions on how to sync availability with Cool Camping

Calendar exporting

Calendar exporting allows you to automatically keep your Cool Camping calendar up to date from Anytime Booking using an iCalendar format.

To automatically synch your bookings on Anytime Booking to the Cool Camping booking system:

  1. Grab an iCal code for each unit from your Anytime admin area. To do this, log into your Anytime admin area, go to Setup > Unit > iCal Calendars to highlight and copy the code
  2. You will then need to set up an integration on your Cool Camping dashboard (Setup > API > Add Integration).
  3. Once that is done, use the ‘Edit’ button on the integration you have just set up to find the grey ‘Units’ tab, in which you can paste your iCal codes from Anytime Booking into the relevant unit.
  4. Don’t forget to hit ‘Save Changes‘ once you have pasted all the codes.
  5. As and when you take direct bookings or block from your Cool Camping calendar, it will take a few minutes for those changes to be updated on Anytime Booking.

Calendar importing

Calendar importing lets you view your Cool Camping bookings within your Anytime Booking account. To export your calendar from Cool Camping to Anytime Booking for each unit you want to sync:

  1. Go to Setup > Units > Edit > Admin on your Cool Camping Dashboard, where you’ll find the iCal feed for that unit.
  2. Highlight and copy the code.
  3. Copy and paste the Cool Camping calendar link into your Anytime Booking unit in your admin area – go to Setup > Unit > iCal Calendar.
  4. Save the changes.
  5. Note: if you have Sub Units you will need to put the iCal link in at Sub Unit level.

If you have any problems integrating with Cool Camping, please email them at

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