Firstly, once you have logged into your account and you are on the home page click ‘New Booking’. This will take you to the page below. You should start by adding the date the booking was initially made. 

Choose your Booking Source: Telephone.

Then state whether the booking was taken through a booking agent. If this does not apply leave the drop down box as ‘None’.

Below this is the ‘External Reference’ – this box is available if you would prefer to view a booking alias on the availability chart and booking list instead of the lead contact name.

The box below is ‘Show Past Dates’. If you wish to see the past dates that were available to place the booking then tick this box.

After selecting the category you must then chose the ‘unit’. The unit is the specific type of accommodation or activity, such as ‘pitch number 6’ or ‘Rose Cottage’. If you have sub-units set up, you will see this next.

After this has been selected a box will appear allowing you to select the month they will be arriving as well as the specific date. Below this there will be a box asking you to state how many nights the customer will be staying.

 Once all the information about the accommodation has been entered you may then proceed to state how many party members there will be. You must enter how many adults and how many children are included within the party. Please note: this section may vary depending on your account.

After clicking ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen a choice of different extras will appear depending on the type of holiday the customer has booked. For example, customers may wish to bring their pet with them or would like a beach towel. The customer may not have confirmed this over a telephone booking, however amendments can be made to the booking if they wish to add extras or to remove them. Below shows the Add-ons available for a camping trip.

 If you would like to find out more about Add-ons click here.

Click the ‘Next’ button to proceed to the next stage of the booking. This next stage is information about ‘Your Party’. This is all the information you wish to collect about the people coming to stay and is highly customisable. For example, it could include basic information about the customer or specific details such as restricted accessibility for a customer due to a disability. You can also add a discount code if this is applicable. Below is an example of the ‘Your Party’ page.

Please note: If you enter an email address into the alternative customer/agent field then this email address will receive all booking email correspondence instead of the customer email address. In other words nothing will go to the customer email)

Please also note: if you would like to ask more information about all the people booking, you can add more Party Details, click here for more info.

Once all mandatory fields are completed in the ‘Your Party’ section and the terms and conditions have been read you may proceed to the next section of the booking. Once you have clicked ‘Next’ you will be asked whether you want to make another booking for your customer.

Please note: by clicking ‘Yes’ you will start the booking process again and then complete all the bookings with one single checkout payment.

If you already have details of this customer you can search for them in the ‘Find Customer’ box at the top of the page and find all of their details. However, if they’re a new customer you will need to get more information about them. Below shows the different fields that you should complete.

Depending on your configuration, your customer may have a variety of choices of how to pay. If your customer would like to pay in full you must click the ‘Pay in Full’ option within the Booking Summary.

Your customer may wish to pay a deposit and complete the payment at a later date. You can set your deposit amount for your accommodation to be daily, fixed and a percentage – you can modify your deposits throughout different seasons of the year. If this is the case you must set a balance reminder to send to your customers so they know when their deposit is due by. Another email will be sent later on confirming when the full payment is due.

This is the last step to taking a telephone booking. Once you have completed all aspects of your booking you must click ‘Make Booking’. Once you have clicked this it will send a ‘Thank you’ message to you and the customer, as well as the customer’s booking reference number.

Once this is done, your booking is complete!


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