The dashboard is the home screen of your Anytime Booking admin area. From here you can complete a number of quick tasks to help you manage your bookings at their different stages.

Using the Dashboard

When the dashboard is first opened it will not display any data in the info-boxes. This gives quick access to your admin area without having to wait for data to upload behind the scenes. To generate the information you want to view when you are ready, click either  

 at the top of the page, or click

 in the relevant window. These buttons can also be used to update the loaded data.

New Online Bookings come in to the dashboard for you to vet. You can scroll through the list using the up and down arrows at the top of the box and refresh the information at any point using the double arrow button. To view more detail about the booking click on the entry and then click on the view booking button that appears below the box. You can confirm, view or cancel the booking from the dashboard.

 Arrivals for today are displayed on the dashboard – you can quickly view the booking and see if there is an outstanding balance. You can check the booking in by checking the tick box by the booking, or you can click on the entry and then the view booking button to see more detail.

 Departures for today are displayed on the dashboard as well. You can check the booking out by selecting the tick box by the booking, or you can click on the entry and then the view booking button to see more detail.

 Overdue Balances will be displayed in the third box on the dash board. This allows you to keep an eye on all bookings with balances that are due to be paid. Each entry displayed here will have received a balance reminder email to tell them that their balance is now due. If you notice that a booking has been on the list too long, you are able to manually fire off another email to remind them again that they need to pay their balance. Click on the entry you want to chase and then click on the send overdue balance email button. Once you have sent the chaser email, the status will change to sent so that you don’t send them another email straight away.

 Provisional Bookings are bookings for which you have not received any money yet. These are displayed in the final box on the dashboard and they will stay in this box until you check the box to make them un-provisional or receive payment for all or some of the booking total.


Statistics can be found at the bottom of the page. These pie charts are dynamically generated based on your account data.

The breakdown on the pie chart will show you how many bookings are ONLINE, TELEPHONE, WALK-IN and SALES CHANNELS at a glance:


This booking split will be mirrored in your Bookings Report.

This functionality will be replicated in your Financial > Bookings Report. You will see a new field labelled ‘Source’ which will tell you whether the booking is online, telephone, walk-in or sales channel. If it has come through a sales channel, the field labelled ‘Agent Name’ will tell you if it is a Pitch Up or Rentals United booking, for example.

You can reorganise the dashboard widgets by visiting Your Account > Dashboard Widgets. Here you can view or hide each box and decide the ordering by clicking and dragging the green bars up and down to your liking.

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