If you have received money from your customer and you want to make a refund, you can record a credit to the booking.  This will update the cash list to show all refunds back to the customer.

Open a booking and go to the payments tab, click on the Add Credit button.  You will be presented with the option to notify the customer and issue a credit.

If you tick ‘Yes’ to notifying the customer, it will send the CREDIT email template. To learn more about the email sequence, read here.

The description is displayed on the cash list report to help your bookkeeper understand why a refund was made. Use this field to add additional information to help understand how/why you refunded the money.

There are 4 methods that can be recorded against the credit and displayed on the cash list – this is just a view-only description.

REFUND TO CUSTOMER will add the value back onto the booking. Particularly useful if the customer has paid too much too early.

APPLY TO NEXT BOOKING will remain as income on the cash list. You can generate a report for tracking all monies against potential future bookings.  Go to Reports > Financials > Balances Transferred.

REFUND & DO NOT UPDATE BALANCE PAYABLE will mark as refund, but the balance payable will remain the same. The example would be giving a damage deposit back the customer.

HELD (use this if you holding the money, but want the value taken off the cash list report).

If you no longer wish to issue a credit and want to come of the dialogue box. Click on ‘no to notifying the customer’ and then click on the trash icon to remove the entry.

This is only a record against the booking, which in turn updates the cash list report – any physical money will need to be arranged via BACS / cheque, or any other mechanism of your choice, to go back to the customer.  


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