Daily rates is a quick and easy way of adding a nightly price with flexible changeover days.

Please remember:

  • You need to make sure different bands of dates don’t overlap (unless you’re putting in a Length of Stay pricing) e.g. if you end one pricing band on the 31st March, then the next one must start on the 1st April, not the 31st March!
  • The dates of any band refers to the first and last night of the booking. So, a three day weekend band from Friday to Sunday means your customers arrive on Friday, stay 3 nights and leave on the Monday.

Here’s a video on how to add daily rates:

To add a daily rate:  Choose the Daily option in Rate Type to begin configuring a daily rate.

  1. Decide whether the rate is available to your customer (online) or just yourself (back office) or both.
  2. Input a start and end date.
  3. Choose what length of stay that the daily price applies to (this will usually be 1 day however, if you are creating a cascading price tariff, you will want to create multiple date bands with different lengths of stay and prices).
  4. Input your rate (no need for £ symbol).
  5. Add a note if you want to.

Once you have added your first band you will see it appear on the rates page. Here you can set a minimum stay rule to stop people booking less than a certain number of days.

The Controllers

Active: This is a controller that switches the entire date band on or off. If you un-tick both the ‘online’ and ‘back office’ on the right hand side of the band, you will need to also un-tick the active dates to completely switch the band off. This is only the case when you do not want to delete the band.

Length of Stay: This is used when you have the same date range, but want to charge a different amount depending on the length of stay.  You can read more about Length of Stay pricing rates here.

Party Size: only use this if you have the same date range, but you are charging a different amount depending on the number of people in the booking.

Rate: the price you want to charge each night. 

Minimum Length of Stay: During the date range, the online customer has to comply with a minimum length of stay.

Arrival Days: you can also control the arrival days. This is great if you have a longer date range and you don’t want anyone to arrive on Sunday – just un-tick the Sunday.

If you want to set a daily rate for pretty much all of the year but you want to hike it up a bit in peak season, make sure you break down your bands.

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