To add weekly rates go to Setup > Rates > Daily / Weekly / Short Breaks 

Please remember that when adding rates, the dates should not overlap unless the party size is different.

  • When adding short breaks and weekly breaks, you can’t also add daily rates over the same dates!
  • The dates of any band refers to the first and last night of the booking. So, a three day weekend band from Friday to Sunday means your customers arrive on Friday, stay 3 nights and leave on the Monday.

Here’s a video on how to add weekly rates:

How to set up weekly breaks from Anytime Booking on Vimeo.

Adding weekly rates:

  1. Choose your category and unit, click on the Add Rate button.  Choose your Rate Type: Weekly.
  2. Choose the date range. If you’re doing the entire year for a specific start date (changeover date), make sure you select the appropriate date in the date picker and if you want to add your weekly rates in batches of multiple weeks, click on Show More Options which will display the number of weeks you want to add at that price and the Party Member number this applies to (click here for more information on Party Size Conditions). By default this will apply as ANY party member size for the price per week unless you state otherwise.
  3. Input your Rate (no need add the £ symbol).
  4. Add a note if you want to. You can always add these afterwards to help you quick identify school half term, for example.
  5. Click Add to insert the rate.

Your weekly rates will look something like this once set up: 


Adding Short Breaks

Here’s a video on how to add short break rates (and how to add them multiple weeks at a time):

How to set up short breaks from Anytime Booking on Vimeo.


Adding short breaks follows the same process as above, but you will be presented with more options dependant on how you would like the rates to apply.

Adding single short break rates

Choose the start date. In this example, we’ve selected Monday 5th August 2019 and ending Thursday 8th August 2019 for £450 for this break.  Click Add to insert the short break rate.

Book Any Day: allows the customers to choose any start day within this date range.
Split Bands: Only use this when inserting batches of short-breaks (see below), this is where the date range can be broken down again by the start day(s).

Adding short break in larger batches

Click on Show More Options to see more options. The example image below has a date range for all of August 2019 where the short break can apply to any Party Member size, starting Monday for 4 nights and £450.00 per 4-night break.

 This batch will insert the batch like this – a band for each Monday in August for 4 nights at £450.00.

Adding short breaks in batches by the percentage 

If you want to add short breaks by the percentage based on the cost of a week holiday, do the same as above, but add the total week cost to the right hand side of the Percentage Rate and choose the percentage rate, then this will automatically work out the percentage value for you in the fixed rate area.

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