You can set the deposit rates you want to use for each unit and for different dates. Deposits can be based on the number of days stay, a flat fee or a percentage of the total booking, depending on your preference.

If you want to collect your payments in full only, you don’t need to fill in any part of this setting.

Here is a video on how to set up your deposits: Go to SETUP > RATES > DEPOSITS

How to set up Deposits

Select the category and unit for which you are looking to set a deposit rate, which will give you the option to set a daily, fixed amount or a percentage rate of the holiday as the deposit.


You can choose daily mode, fixed mode or percentage mode. Percentage is the most commonly used.

Daily Mode is a straight forward way of calculating the deposit cost of a holiday, just choose how much you’d like to charge on a nightly basis.

Fixed Mode is where you want to set a fixed amount regardless of the price of the holiday.  Make the Fixed Period 28 days if you want this rate to apply to all holidays up to 4 weeks in length.  If you choose 7 as a fixed period then beyond 7 days the fixed amount does not apply.  Some may choose to have a cascading fixed deposit configuration where 7 nights is £10, 14 night is £20, 21 nights is £30 and so on.

Percentage Mode is simply a percentage of the total cost of the holiday as the deposit amount.

You can also set a Minimum Booking Total aimed at taking a full payment based on a minimum total cost of the holiday.  For example, for any holiday totalling less than £20 (or any figure you’d like to put in) the customer will only have the option to pay in full.

The Minimum Deposit sets a minimum amount the customer must pay if they’re paying a percentage deposit. So, if you want them to pay a minimum £40 deposit on any booking, put in 40.00 here.

Minimum Period. You can opt to set a minimum number of nights stay wherein a customer must pay in full. On longer stays they will be allowed to pay a deposit e.g. if you want a customer to pay in full when making a booking of up to 6 nights length, then set the number as 6 here. Then for stays of 7 nights of more you’ll take a deposit from them and get them to settle the balance later.

Days Before Arrival is the number of days within which, when a new booking is taken, the full balance becomes payable. If you set this as zero, this will mean the customer can choose a deposit payment right up until they arrive. If you set this for 7 days, this means that any customer making a booking within 7 days of arrival must pay their booking in full.

N.B. When you set up Days Before Arrival, the period when the full payment becomes due needs to match both in the deposits section and for email balance reminders. So if you’ve set up the full payment to become due 14 days before arrival under deposits, you’ll also need to set your automated full payment email (reminding people their full balance is now due) to go out 14 days before arrival, as well. To enable balance reminders (which sit in a different place in the system – under each unit, on the balance reminder tab) click here for more information.


What if I want to take a different deposit for a one-off booking to the one I’ve generically set?

You can only do this as a staff member taking a telephone booking/payment on behalf of the customer – an online customer can only pay by the rules you have set for online bookings. 

If you would like to take a different deposit amount to the one you’ve set generally for all bookings, open your individual booking under the Bookings tab.

Click on the Payments tab.

Click Add Payment.

Choose the Date, Payment Method, Payment Amount (select as Deposit) – this will override the default amount as per the deposit rules you’ve set up.

Mark Payment as Paid (Y) – and pay using customer card via PDQ Offline or Card (Virtual Terminal / MOTO) and Send Payment Email (Y/N) and click Continue and Close. If you are paying by Card (Virtual Terminal / MOTO you will need to make sure that you have filled in the customer address fields or your payment gateway will bail out of the process.

Once paid, the new deposit amount will now display in the Booking.


Add-ons and deposit collections

Please note, any add-ons that you have set up and that a customer chooses as part of their booking, will be included in these calculations unless you exclude them. To exclude them, go to Set Up > Configuration > Add-ons, select each of your add-ons in turn, go to ‘show advanced options’, and select the box ‘exclude from deposit (percentage calculation).

If you have set up a security deposit add-on, you might want to click the box ‘collect full amount with deposit’ to get this money upfront.

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