How you know you need to refresh your availability

Have you ever seen this yellow banner come down from the top of your screen and hang around till you click on it?

It’s trying to tell you that you need to refresh your availability.

Whenever you change some vital aspect of your booking system, it needs to be refreshed in order to update and recalculate your overall availability and your availability chart.

In other words, refreshing drops the old records and allows the system to update it with the new things you’ve put in.

You need to refresh your system when you have:

  • changed a unit’s name, its type or the details on it like the maximum occupancy
  • added new date bands
  • altered your existing rates
  • or changed any fundamental thing which affects how your availability chart works

If you forget to refresh, then your changes won’t be fully saved. 


Refreshing your availability

To refresh your availability, you can either  click on Tools > Refresh Availability OR you can click on the yellow banner itself to clear it away.


Then, all you need to do is to follow these instructions. Simples!



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