The benefits of using this integration:

  • Increase your visibility to touring and caravanning holidaymakers and get more bookings
  • 2-way communication between Caravan Sitefinder and Anytime Booking for seamless exchange of pricing, availability and booking information
  • Anytime Booking will push over to Caravan SiteFinder on initial sync:Unit nameUnit occupancyUnit typeDescriptionParty MembersAddOns (extras)Rates (Daily)
  • Caravan Sitefinder will push booking data directly into Anytime Booking, giving the guest name, arrival date, departure date, length of stay, AddOns, payment details, party details
  • Appear in availability searches

About Caravan Sitefinder

Caravan Sitefinder is an online travel agent (OTA) allowing holidaymakers to search over 3,600 campsites around the UK.

Their Instant Book facility gives you a free listing and they then take a commission of 12.5% plus VAT per booking. Guests pay a deposit of 12.5% to secure the booking which is retained by Caravan Sitefinder (equal to the commission value) and the balance payment for the booking is then collected by the campsite owner.

Caravan Sitefinder are comparative to in terms of commission charges, but you can pay to increase your business visibility on their service by signing up for one of their annual membership packages:

How to sync Anytime Booking with Caravan Sitefinder

  1. Either log into your Caravan Sitefinder account or visit and search to see if you already have a free listing in place.
  2. Log into your Anytime Booking account, go to tools > Third Party API’s > Caravan Sitefinder
  3. Obtain the Caravan Sitefinder API key which is located in the Account settings page on their dashboard (click on the link at the top right of the page). Click on the API key submenu link and copy and paste the API key displayed here.
  1. Now go back to the Caravan Sitefinder area in your Anytime Booking account and paste the API key into the box provided.
  1. After that navigate to the units tab where you can choose which units to activate. Once you click the ‘connect’ button, Anytime Booking will push all the above data into Caravan Sitefinder.

How Caravan Sitefinder sees your availability 

Caravan Sitefinder will see the availability of the last sub-unit within your unit. To free up more availability, simply go to your availability calendar and move the booking up to another sub-unit (caravan) to free up the space – then Caravan Sitefinder can bring you more bookings for that date range!

Please note that you’ll need to make sure that any party member or AddOn setting must have a price, even it’s £0.00 in order for it to appear on Caravan Sitefinder.

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