You’ve either noticed two customer records within your account or the customer has emailed you to say they are unable to log into the My Account area – this is because the email address is registered twice and the system doesn’t know which customer record to refer to when they are trying to log in.  In this case you will need to merge the two records together.

Go to Customers and search for the customer’s email address.  

If there is a duplicate record, you’ll view both on the screen.

Click on the record you want to make as the primary record. Then click on the Merge button.


Once you’ve done this, the record you clicked on will become the primary record and then the other customer record is completely removed.  Any bookings on the ‘other’ record is moved across to the current primary customer record.

Note: merging customer records will only merge the two together if there are bookings on each customer record sharing the same email address. If you find that you cannot merge a customer record, it’s likely to be because one of them does not have any bookings on there. Click on one of the customer record and click the ‘bookings’ button to see if there are any bookings on there. Repeat the same exercise on the second record. Then you can delete the duplicated customer record.

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