Your customers are able to log into the ‘My Account’ area of your Anytime Booking account where they can view their booking history and pay any balances.

You can add this login somewhere on your website with a URL link specific to your account. This link will be your account web address followed by /my_account – so it will look something like 

If your customer has already made a booking, they will have received their login details from us when they created an account with you.  To make sure they received this email, check that you have the email template setup under Setup > Documentation > Emails > General Emails > NEW ACCOUNT  - you can always adapt this wording.

Once the customer has logged in, they will see…



If the customer clicks on the VIEW button, the booking details are displayed at the bottom of the page

This makes it so easy for your customers to keep on top of their booking and make further balance payments to you without any admin intervention on your part.  

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