If you have our Agency Module enabled on your account, you can locate the ‘Agency’ area in the top navigation bar of your account once you’ve logged in.

Multiple Sites (Businesses)

Our Agency Module includes the ability to have multiple sites (businesses) within the one account.  This works well for businesses who need a different Payment Gateway for each site created within one Anytime Booking account. Those with multiple sites can assign staff members to one or more sites, but not globally.

The Agency Commission Fee

As an agency, you are likely to be charging a percentage of the booking cost as your earnings.  Anytime Booking allows you to set a commission percentage against the property (unit) which is calculated when you generate an Owner Statement Report.  This works on the basis that X% of the total holiday is being deducted from the deposit or full payment.

To set the Commission Rate on a property (unit), go to Setup > Configuration > Units > double click on the green bar of the unit (property name) on which you’d like to set the commission rate > Commission > from here you can create your first commission rate.

We would suggest creating a commission rate called default. This first commission set is adopted within the account, unless a second rate is required.

Setting a different commission rate when making a booking

You can change the commission value, if you have more than one, when making a new booking by choosing the commission name in the dashed grey box above the booking form.


You can also change the commission rate after a booking is made by amending the booking and changing the commission option.


Excluding AddOns from the Commission Fee 

You can have multiple AddOns for up-selling the holiday, but you can exclude these from the commission charge if you wish. When you create the AddOn, click on the Advance Options and tick the ‘Exclude From Commission’ tick box.

Assign An Owner to the Units (properties)

To allow an Owner access to your system, and to generate relevant owner statements, the very first thing you’ll need to do is create an Owner Access entry. To do this go to Setup > Users.

You can read more about creating users by clicking here. 

How the Owner will access your account

Generally speaking, most agencies do not give their owners access to the Anytime account directly. But you can if you wish. They will login using the same web address you do to access your account. You can decide how much information you want an owner to see by reviewing the user settings.

Owner and Housekeeper Notifications

You can choose to send an Owner Notification email to the owner registered against the property (unit) whenever there is a new booking. To learn more on how to send owner notifications, click here. 

Recording Expenses

If you are looking after a property (unit) where you need to mark expenses against the unit and deduct the owners earnings from booking income on a regular basis, you may find the expenses area useful for this.  Go to Agency > Unit Expenses.

When generating an expense, you can assign the date you were invoiced, the date you are processing it, the name of the expense itself as a free text field (e.g. cutting the grass) and the supplier. The supplier field will automatically look for any supplier already set up within users. Then add your charge and the quantity, and the total will be worked out for you.

Once you’ve clicked Save, it will be viewable below for your reference.

Generating Reports

Expenses Report 

Generating an expense report allows you to export all expenses during a financial quarter, or during a fixed date range. You can export on one or all properties on your account.

Commission & VAT Report

The Commission & VAT Report is a way of tracking the total income of your bookings on each property on your account. This is broken down by the commission you have charged, minus the VAT. The VAT element of your commission, the commission including the VAT, the total cost of the expenses recorded and what you would have paid the owner.

Owner Statement Report 

The owner statement allows you to generate a report based on the property owner and all their assigned properties, or by the property itself. If you leave either the owner or unit fields blank, it will generate a report for everything. 

This report is not viewable on screen, but is exported as a webpage, PDF or .CSV

Money Holding Report

This is a simple report that allows you to quickly view the monies received, or waiting to collect during a quarter or date range.  To get the full financial details, generate a Bookings Report 

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