If you are an agency, you are likely to have owners and/or housekeepers of the properties you may wish to notify when you’ve received or cancelled a booking. This article explains at which point the owner notification is sent;

Telephone Bookings: you are asked at the end of the booking process with a tick box.
Online Bookings: the owner and housekeeping notifications are never automatically sent. You will check the booking is OK, proceed to the bookings list, click on the booking and click the notify owner or housekeeping button.

Setting Up the Owner/Housekeeping Notification email template. 

To setup the notification emails go to Setup > Documentation > Emails


Sending Owner/Housekeeping Notifications when making a telephone/new booking

At the end of making a booking in the admin area, but before you mark how payment is or going to be made, you will see this box:-

The tick boxes will already remember what you did in your previous booking, so if you do not want the owner or cleaner notification going at this stage, just un-tick the box.


Notifying the Owner or Housekeeper after an online booking is made

Go to the booking in the bookings page and search for your booking.  If you have not sent an owner or housekeeper notification previously, you will notice the ‘notify owner’ or ‘notify housekeeper’ button will appear between the search box and the booking list when you click once on a booking.


When you cancel a booking, you can then give the option to send the Booking Cancelled notification to the owner or the housekeeper.



How to tell when when the Owner/Housekeeper Notification has been sent. 

When you look at your bookings list, you’ll see a star appear against the booking when the Owner Notification email has been sent.


Or load the booking and view the Email Status & Log tab. 

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