A guide on how to connect PayPal to Anytime Booking.

Connecting PayPal to Anytime Booking

Step One

Once you have logged in to your Paypal account click on the Profile link top right and in the drop down select Profile and Settings.


Select My selling preferences

Click on Website Preferences update

Set ‘Auto Return’ to On and type in the return address to https://thecompanyid.anytimebooking.eu/paypal/response/ making sure you’ve amended thecompanyid to the subdomain provided to you by us.

Set the Payment Data transfer (PDT) to On

Click Save

On saving you will see that if you return to this page a new PDT Identity Token has been created. Copy this to your clipboard. You'll need this when you log into your Anytime Booking account. 

Step Two

Return to My Selling Preferences

Click Update on Instant Payment Notifications and then Choose IPN Settings

Make sure Receive IPN is enabled

Type in the web address that notifies when a payment was made, this address is https://thecompanyid.anytimebooking.eu/paypal/notify/ again changing thecompanyid to the name provided to you by us.

Step Three

Log into your Anytime Booking account and go to 'Your Account' and then 'Payment Gateway'. 

Make sure the payment gateway for Paypal is selected and then use the email address you have used for the PayPal account and the PDT identity token you copied onto your clipboard from earlier. 

Go and make a take booking and payment to check the connection. 

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