If you have a membership scheme in place, you can use Anytime Booking to store a own personalised membership number against the customer record and issue any discounts against it.

Customer Record

Within the Customer Record section of the system, you’ll see an additional box for Membership No.

Discount Module

You can create a discount that checks whether a membership number is active in the customer record.  First of all, create a discount (read more here) and the only additional element you’ll need to tick is the membership number setting.  This will ensure that only customers known to you, who have an active membership number on their customer record, will receive this discount.

Place Booking

When your customer makes a booking online, the moment they login, the system will check whether there’s an active membership number in place and display the discount.


Email Templates and invoices

When you edit your email templates, you can show their membership number, by adding the token #disc_number# and the discount amount is within the current discount token #discount_cost#

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