It is worth noting this issue as a response to your customers should they contact you saying that they have had problems while trying to book and pay for a holiday with you.

Sometimes the customer’s experience on web pages will vary depending on what version of their browser they are using.  We have introduced an advisory message on all of our customer-facing booking pages when it detects an out of date browser being used.

We find that some people don’t update their browsers for quite some time, even years (or never!) and they may not even realise that the data they enter may then not be secure. We do everything we can to make sure our pages are secure using an SSL Certificate (this is the little green padlock next to the web address), but where browsers are really, really old, the customer may find it difficult to move onto the payment gateway to collect payment.

This message only appears once and is advisory. They can continue to make a booking, but their experience may vary when they are using an un-supported old browser.

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