What is Channel Management?

Channel Management allows you to hook up your website to third party booking providers to flood your business with new bookings.

To provide you with the maximum value, we’ve prioritised working with camping, glamping and self-catering related travel websites, to help you share your real time availability with potential customers and drive new bookings directly into your Anytime Booking diary without you needing to lift a finger.

How Does Channel Management help? 

Our Channel Management offerings will help make you money by booking your business to capacity fast.

Channel Management will also save you considerable time and effort by importing your bookings from channels automatically, rather than having to import each booking into your booking system by hand.

Online Travel Agents, like AirBnB, Pitchup.com and Cool Camping market your property to people visiting their website, selling your remaining availability for a commission.

If you use an Global Distribution Network (OTA) like Rentals United or Propsync, these continuously sync (exchange information) between all the multiple Online Travel Agents they connect with to ensure that bookings coming from multiple sources don’t overlap and cause double bookings.

Depending on the channel and the type of connection they have with it, they may also be able to automatically put these bookings into your Anytime Booking system for you and sync your online and telephone bookings you’ve taken back with all the channels you connect with.

What does it cost?

If you choose to use it, you should see Channel Management as your main marketing cost, other than building and maintaining your website.  It’s certainly not free!

The Online Travel Agents providing your bookings will typically take a cut of between 2.5% – 25% of the value of each booking.

Global Distribution Networks will make additional charges according to the number of units you’re promoting through them. Please note the channels also take their cut on top.

Lastly, as Channel Management creates extra work for us to maintain the booking system and support you with queries, Anytime Booking reserves the right to make a nominal charge of £10 +VAT a month to link your booking engine to any number of third party channels.

What are the options available to me?

To find out the details of how to connect to each system, just click on the channel’s pic.

We can provide four kinds of connection, according to how the systems sync (exchange information) with Anytime Booking.


Two (both) Way Syncs via an API or iCal

As camping and glamping specialists we work hard to provide two-way connections in this field. We push info to these guys andthey talk back to us, cutting through your admin and delivering bookings directly into your Anytime system.  This means that as you take bookings your end, availability on their site is updated and vice versa. Campers unite!

An API is a way of ordering data and then providing a connection or gateway to another providers’ dataset to sync that data. It requires a lot of bespoke coding to set up on both sides.

iCal is a simple off the shelf syncing system which runs on both the macOS desktop and iOS mobile operating system and uses Apple’s iCloud service. It can synchronise with other calendar services, like Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Here are the companies we currently connect 2-way with, via an API:


and via iCal, 2-way:


and coming soon,

Please note that only Pitchup.com recognise both the pitch type (parent unit) and the individual pitches (subunits) on your Anytime Booking system, all other iCal feeds will only sync with parent units. So you can’t generally use subunits with iCal.


One Way Syncs via iCal

Some third party booking providers only sync your calendar one way with theirs via iCal.

So, if you fancy connecting to another travel-related website, like Trip Advisor, you can export your Anytime Booking calendar into their website one-way.  This means our system is telling them how much availability you have left, while you’ll need to import the bookings from that channel to Anytime Booking by hand.

To use iCal, simply take your pitch/property URL from your Anytime account and paste it into the supporting website (follow their instructions, as everyone does it slightly differently).

Happy sharing!




Connect with over 50 channels through one connection

This excellent one-stop portal allows you to connect to 50+ global and niche channels to boost your reach and revenue. Some of the offerings are two-way channels, some one-way and some only share availability. But one platform – Rentals United – rules them all.



Use this global distribution network (GDN) to connect to literally millions of travellers around the world looking for that perfect stay. Powerful stuff.

Additional costs (annual fees, with cost bands according to the number of units you want to put on) are involved – please contact us or click the picture below for more details about Rentals United.


Connect with UK self-catering channels via PropSync

Ideal for short-let property owners, this platform provides real-time availability updates to a variety of self-catering booking networks specifically in the UK. The PropSync feed works so that the availability is blocked off in your Anytime calendar and you receive a PropSync notification and a reference number stating the source (eg. Tripadvisor) but the sync doesn’t formulate a typical booking complete with customer details – you would would have to log into the original source to get the full booking info.

Additional costs are involved (monthly fees, with a fixed charge per unit you want to put on) – please contact us or click the picture below for more details about Propsync.

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