00:00 to 02:15 How to login and explaining what areas this video is covering

02:15 to 06:20 The Anytime Booking Master List and cross referencing against your Customer Records

06:20 to 08:15 Custom Fields, including Customer Lists (the data that’s pulled from your Anytime account).

08:15 to 10:42 Segments (especially important for GDPR compliant mailers)

10:43 to 11:57 Creating your own website signup form

11:58 to 15:10 Creating your first template

15:11 to 24:54 Sending your first Campaign!

How much does email marketing cost with Anytime Booking?

Occasional Emails – Pay as you go. 

Charged at £10 per campaign and 2p per email recipient. This is cost effective for those sending emails out once or twice a year.

Regular Email Sending

On the pay month scheme, you can send up to 12,500 emails per month as a starting point (this number will depend on your tariff). The cost per month depends on the total number of email address (customers) they have within Anytime Booking account.

Please contact us if your email addresses are greater than 15,000 and we will advise you the monthly cost.

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