You may wish to export customer data to print labels, do mail-merges, create internal lists and so on. This is possible by way of CSV.

CSV or ‘comma-separated values’ is supported by a huge number of tools from spreadsheets like Excel, OpenOffice and Google Docs to complex databases to almost all programming languages. It is the most common import and export format for spreadsheets and databases and is readable by both machines and humans!

In your Anytime Booking account, you will see that you can export customer data from the Customer tab (green button: ‘Export (CSV)’). Open this download automatically to your spreadsheet programme and manipulate the data as you wish.


You can also export your reporting data, eg. Arrivals Report, in a CSV file by choosing CSV in the Output Format and clicking on the green tab ‘View Report’. This will create an automatic download, double-click on it and you will be taken through to the file in your spreadsheet programme.

If you want to export any alternative data, or import data into your Anytime Booking account using CSV, eg. historical bookings, please contact We will be able to provide you with a quote and the relevant templates if you wish to proceed.

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