The email log enables you to see which emails have been sent to each customer. You can check this by viewing the booking details and selecting the “Email Status & Log” tab at the top of the screen.  Each email that has been sent has a date, time and type saved. The “Email Status” box on the left identifies which emails have been sent.

You can check the content of the email by clicking on the envelope icon.

Re-sending an email

If you can’t see the email you are expecting in the log or you need to send an email again then click on the “Communicate” tab. From here you can send the new customer, provisional, payment status, balance overdue, or agent email.

To resend any of the emails you’ll need to view the customer booking > click on the communicate tab > click the appropriate email button’. If you close the booking and then re-open it, you’ll be able to see the new status of the email on the email status log.

For more information about email types please see our Emails and Documents article.

Emails not sending? 

If the log reports a BOUNCED or DROPPED email response. This means the email address is incorrect and is unable to deliver the email to the customer.

You’ll need to contact the customer to obtain the correct email address and try again.

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