By default Anytime Booking will display the total cost of a holiday, including any VAT.

We do have the option to display the VAT breakdown on bookings itself and within any email communications to your customers.

To enable VAT breakdown on your account, you will need to email and we will switch this on for you.

It’s always best to decide whether you’d like to display the VAT breakdown to the booking customer when you initially setup your account.  If you’d like this to be visible after you have gone live, the VAT breakdown will appear on all bookings from the moment we enable VAT on your account. If you would like all your past bookings to also display its VAT breakdown, do let us know.

How this is displayed on the booking information screen

Then you can add the breakdown of the cost of the holiday using the email tokens provided. To read more about email tokens, click here.

Email template cost breakdown example

If you have the ‘Agency Module’ enabled on your account, you’ll notice that the VAT elements are broken down on the Owner Statement Report.

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