You can define what information you want to obtain from your guests when they make their booking. This is the information collected at stage two of the booking process.  Go to Setup > Configuration > Party Details.

Select your Category and Unit.

By default, the system will not collect all of the details of all the party members. ‘Main Party Member Only’ will be pre-ticked as will the title, first name, last name and phone number tick boxes. Adjust the settings as you wish.

If you un-tick ‘Main Party Member Only’ at the top of the page, this will mean the party details will be asked for each party member you’ve set up under ‘Party Members’.

Car registrations: this is the field you should use to log your guests’ car registration numbers. You do not need to create a free-field add-on to collect this data! If you have an integrated barrier system with IDS, this is the data that the ANPR camera (automatic number plate recognition) reads to allow your guests access to your site.

You also have the option here to collect medical requirements, emergency contact numbers, nationality and so on. If you enable any of these fields your customer will be presented with a free-field in which to give their answer in the booking process. You can make these mandatory fields if you like.

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