By default, your account will just ask for a total number of people in each booking. With our Party Members setting, you can create additional labels to help break down who is coming to stay. 

Most will create three Party Members for Adult, Child and Infant. 

To create party members on your account, go to Setup > Configuration > Party Members > click on the New Party Member button after you have selected the category and unit you want to assign this to.

When you first create a party member you are giving it a name and deciding the total number of these you would like to accept in a booking. 

Active: Tick this to enable this party member
Customer: This party member will appear in the customer-facing booking form
Admin: This will appear in the admin area (you may choose to have admin only party members by only having this ticked).
Name: This will appear in bold on the booking form.
Description: Text to appear directly underneath (optional).
Max Number: You can restrict a party member, but it will always check the total number of people allowed in a unit as the overruling number. A common scenario is setting infant to 1.
Number inclusive of cost: If you are charging by the person, you can set a party member to have a number already included in the cost of the stay - that's the price you have set in the rates.
Mandatory: It's useful to have at least the adult as mandatory in any booking.
Include in Cost and Availability. It is possible to completely remove a party member from being included if you need to, for example infants. By default, this is switched on.
Show in Summary: If you did ever remove a party member from being included in the cost and availability, you are likely to not want to show it in the summary either. 

Once you click on OK, you'll need to double click on the green bar again to go back into the Party Member settings to add your rate and which unit you want this to apply to. 

How this appears on the customer-facing booking form

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