Within Anytime Booking you can change the availability type of a unit. This guide will focus on a time based unit using the example of a sports hall wanting to hire out nets for playing cricket. 

First of all you'll need to create your unit and then change the availability, go to Setup > Configuration > Units > Options Tab. 

In this example we are wanting to charge on a per net basis, so we are making sure the occupancy on the details tab is set to 5 (as we have 5 nets) and the default availability level is also set to 5. 

By changing the type to Time Availability, only then can you then set the default availability level in the pick-list immediately below it. 

It is important to setup identical times on both the unit rates and party member rates

To setup the rates on the unit, go to Setup > Rates > Daily / Time. 

You can define any duration, where example we're keeping it simple with having an hour for each bookable element. As we are wanting to charge by the net, rather then the unit called 'Hall', we are going to keep the pricing here £0.00

The next stage is to enter the exact times within the Party Member rates. Go to Setup > Configuration > Party Members.  

We are using the Party Members as the nets that can be hired on an hourly basis. So we have called our Party Member 'Number of Nets'.  Double click green bar to open the settings up. 

Once the unit rates and the party member rates are matching. Refresh your availability. Click on Tools > Refresh Availability. 

Now you can make a booking and you'll see that it's calculating the price based on the number of nets (your relabelled Party Member) in the booking summary. 

Also, you'll see the availability grid will now display all the time slots you have to sell. 

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