Every time a booking is made online or placed into the back of your Anytime Booking account a payment record is recreated and displayed on the cash list.

Online Payments

When your customer makes an online booking, they are directed to your payment gateway of choice to physically take the payment. The payment gateway, such as SagePay for example, will send a message back to your booking to say the payment was successful and automatically send out the relevant email template – this payment record will read as CARD ONLINE (WEB) on your cash list report.

When you open a booking up either on the Dashboard or Bookings list, you will see within the Payments Tab that a payment record has been created. If you hover your mouse over the status section of the record, you will see a yellow area where your payment gateway has given you a response to say the payment was successful.

Some payment gateways will also tell you why a payment has failed.

Please note: Some payment gateways do not have the facility to respond back to your Anytime Booking account to let you know whether a payment was successful or not. We know WorldPay and PayPal Donation accounts do not have the facility to respond back when a payment is successful or not. You will need to log into your gateway account to check whether the payment has arrived and then go back to your booking within Anytime Booking and mark it as paid. 

Taking payments manually 

When making a telephone booking 

When you make a telephone booking and you have clicked ‘place booking’ you will then be asked ‘do you want to record a payment’?

Say yes!

At this point you will need to indicate how the customer is paying you. Even if you mark the payment as BACS at this stage, you can mark this payment record as not paid for the moment. This will make it easier further down the line by simply clicking on the ‘Paid’ button later on when the payment has arrived, rather than creating the record from scratch later.

When you say yes to recording a payment, you will be presented with our default payment options:-

Cheque / Postal Order


Card Offline (PDQ)

Deposit Transfer



Payment Gateway: Stripe

Pitchup PayUp

Card Online (Virtual Terminal / MOTO) – If you have MOTO enabled on your gateway, this will take you to the terminal within this booking. If you do not (mostly WordPay and PayPal Donation account holders) you will need to log into your terminal in a separate browser window).

Gift Voucher

These payment options will appear on your cash list for future reference.  Any notes you apply in here will only appear on your cash list.

Need a different payment method? 

If you collect payment by other means and it’s not on our default list, you can create your own payment method.

Go to Setup > Configuration > Payment Method. Here you can create a new type (for example, iZettle) which will appear in the dropdown option when you record any payments.

After the booking is made

If you’ve already made a booking and you didn’t record a payment at the time, you can come back later. Open the booking up and go to the Payment tab and click on Add Payment

You will see the same payment record options you would have had when you made the original booking.

Every payment you create is making an entry on the Cash List report to help you reconcile your accounts.

If you’ve made a mistake, you can always delete the payment record by clicking the red X.  This will turn the record red as a visual for you and the payment record will no longer appear on the cash list.

Do you want to take a different deposit for a one-off booking to the one you’ve generically set?

You can only do this as a staff member taking a telephone booking/payment on behalf of the customer – an online customer can only pay by the rules you have set for online bookings. 

If you would like to take a different deposit amount to the one you’ve set generally for all bookings, open your individual booking under the Bookings tab.

Click on the Payments tab.

Click Add Payment.

Choose the Date, Payment Method, Payment Amount (select as Deposit) – this will override the default amount as per the deposit rules you’ve set up.

Mark Payment as Paid (Y) – and pay using customer card via PDQ Offline or Card (Virtual Terminal / MOTO) and Send Payment Email (Y/N) and click Continue and Close. If you are paying by Card (Virtual Terminal / MOTO you will need to make sure that you have filled in the customer address fields or your payment gateway will bail out of the process.

Once paid, the new deposit amount will now display in the Booking.

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