You may want to customise elements of your customer facing booking process. This guide will explain the function of each tab and show examples of when they can be used.

Go to Setup > Configuration > Booking Form Configuration

You will then be invited to configure your Booking Steps, Booking Display Messages and My Account Messages:

Booking Steps

When a customer starts to make a booking each section of the process is labelled in steps. Each step title can be customised depending on your requirements. This will affect the booking form online and in the back office.

In this example Step 1’s heading is ‘Bookings’ but this can be edited to whatever you want.

Booking Display Messages

This message will be displayed above the online booking form for the customer.

It can be used to notify the customer about any information they may need to know before completing a booking. For example, here it lets the customer know the policy on pets before they start the online booking process.

My Account Messages

The ‘My Accounts Message’ option can be used to display a message above the login box before the customer logs into their account.

In the image below the message has been used to inform users what to do if they face difficulty logging in.

Custom HTML

For customers who are using a static HTML website, these fields can be used to add a custom header and footer to the online booking process. This area is currently under development so please contact us if you have any queries about this.

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