Length of Stay Pricing using weekly and short breaks as an example.

  • Click on Setup > Rates > Daily / Time, then click on the Category / Unit you would like to update.

  • Click 'Add Rate' and complete your first date band. For example, this could be a three night price from the 1st of May until the 31st of May. Make sure you add in the daily rate, and not the total price of the stay.
  • Complete the process for the 4 night and the 7 night price (exactly the same dates each time).
  • Once you have added in the price bands you can then select the minimum number of nights (the lowest length of stay, in this case being '3'), and then select your arrival and departure days (Monday and Friday).

This will now set the rules for this particular date range, allowing 3, 4 or 7 night stays from Monday / Friday depending. The 3 night stay will always start on a Friday, and the 4 night stay will always start on a Monday. 

You can follow this same process for 2-7 night stays with different pricing, and select the minimum of nights as '2', leaving all Arrival / Departure days selected if you allow this flexibility. 

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