Please note, there is a short video at the bottom of the article if you would prefer to view the process.

Firstly, once logging in to your Anytime Booking account select the  'New Booking' tab.

Step 1 - Basic Booking Details

  • The date the booking was created (if you have this information)
  • Booking source (Must be left as telephone)
  • Booking Agent (e.g. Airbnb if applicable)
  • External Reference (Pitchup / Airbnb reference for example)
  • 'Show Past Dates' (if you're inputting a booking for a past date)

Step 2 - Unit / Arrival information

  • Select Category / Unit
  • Select Arrival Date
  • Select Number of nights
  • Select Sub-unit if necessary (May not be applicable for Self-Catering)
  • Select Party Size (Party Member Breakdown may vary for each account)

You'll be able to see the information breaking down in the 'Booking Summary' on the right hand side. You can click on any of the costs and amend.

  • Once this section is completed, select 'Next' on the bottom right hand side.

Step 3 - Upselling

  • If your customer has selected something from your add-ons list you can select this here, and this will update the information / costings in the booking summary. 

Examples include: Security deposits, number of dogs, breakfast hampers.

Step 4 - Further Details

You may ask for further information about all party members here, however below is the basic information that needs to be input.

  • How did your customer hear about you? This is a mandatory field to fill in.
  • Admin Notes (Only staff members can see this)
  • Customer Notes (Available for staff members to view and customers)
  • Housekeeping Notes (for housekeepers only - only relevant to agencies)
  • Alternative Customer (only applicable if booking is a business group)
  • Discount Code (Not applicable for current bookings)
  • Terms and Conditions (mandatory on the front end, but not applicable on the back office)

Once completed, click next.

The next page will ask if you want to make another booking - this is only relevant for group bookings / if the customer has multiple bookings throughout the year.

If you select 'yes' you'll be taken to the start of the booking process to make your second bookings, if you select no you'll be taken to the next stage of the booking process.

Stage 4

  • Enter the customers details that you have on file - add N/A to any sections that cannot be populated. Leave the email section blank if no email.
  • If you have already made a booking for a customer you can add their information in under the 'Find Customer' bar.
  • Contact Permission - if the customer has said Y / N to marketing in the past please mark this on the system. If not, you can leave this as Y and this can be changed in the future by the customer or yourself.

Step 4 - Creating Customer Record

Once you are happy with the details select 'Place Booking' which is at the bottom of the Booking Summary.

  • You'll be taken to a pop up asking you if you would like to send emails to the customer - for current bookings we advise against this so there is no confusion. Once the emails are un-ticked select 'OK'.

Step 5 - Recording A Payment

  • If a customer has made a payment with you select 'Yes', if not select 'no' and the booking will be completed and marked as provisional (Salmon colour on the bookings list).
  • if you select Yes you'll need to record the following:
  • Date payment was made
  • Payment Method (If online through a payment gateway this will need to be 'Card MOTO'. Other options include BACS, PDQ machine and cash).
  • Click into the 'Amount' box to override the amount they have paid if necessary. 
  • Add a note if applicable
  • Select 'Yes' to marking the payment as paid (if you have selected 'Card MOTO' the payment will need to be marked within the booking - please contact one of the team for help with this).
  • Select 'No' to sending an email.

Once selecting 'continue' the booking will then be complete and a reference number will be generated. You will then be able to see the booking within your 'Bookings' list.

Here's a video of the process from start to finish:

If you would prefer a quick and easy way to mark booked dates as unavailable please click below to see how to block off dates on the availability chart:

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