What is a calendar widget?

The word widget is a generic term for a bit of self-contained code that displays a program, or a piece of a program – in this case your availability calendar.

An availability calendar enables you to show potential guests when your holiday accommodation is available for rent and when it is already booked out.

You can choose between one to twelve month calendars for each unit on your account.

This widget is responsive, which means the view will adapt to any sized screen on any device.

A widget works well for viewing a single property.  It gives you a good visual representation of the monthly availability, and works for weeks, short breaks and daily stays.

Each unit will require it’s own calendar if the ‘All Units in Category’ option isn’t selected. Widgets work better on Units than Sub-Units so work best for businesses with a simple category structure.

How can I generate my availability calendar widgets?

The calendar widgets can simply be generated from your Anytime booking account via Tools > Availability Widgets > Calendar Widgets

From this page various settings can be selected:

Category – the category for which the widget is to be generated

Unit – this can be a specific unit or every unit in a category (this option will display a drop-down menu above the widget)

Theme – there are four predefined colour schemes to choose from: black, orange, blue, and green

Months to Display – you can choose how many months you want to be displayed, from 1 to 12

Once you have made your selections, click ‘Show Code’ to generate the script.

Example of a single unit single month calendar widget

Example of a single unit three month calendar widget

Example of the drop down above the widget when ‘all units in category’ is selected

Customisable features of your widget

Your Web Developer can customise the widget to match your style and branding on your website. They may be able to adjust the view to show 6 months if you require it.

Your Web Developer can adjust: the colour, the styling (ie: drop shadows, font etc), highlight changeover days or amend the hover colour on selected dates.

Technical Modifications to the Monthly Calendars

Daily Multi-Unit Calendar

This calendar widget is completely mobile friendly and displays one month at a time. All the unit names are displayed on the left hand side and the customer can choose a start and end date to calculate a price.

This type of calendar works well for those account using a daily pricing tariff.

Search Widget

Allowing customers to do a quick search for availability is helpful if the customer is looking for a specific date range. In most cases, we will recommend a search facility if you have more than two categories or multiple units. This will save the customer time in looking at individual calendars per pitch, room or property.

We send the search widget to the web developer as a file in html and JavaScript that gives it all the functionality to filter and search for availability. When placing the search widget on the landing/homepage, you can adapt its look and feel through CSS.

We have two HTML options horizontal and vertical views, below is an example of the horizontal view viewed on desktop.

Depending on how the Anytime Booking account is configured, you may have additional fields for Category (dropdown), Unit (dropdown), Pet Friendly (tick box), Electric Hookup (tick box) and so on.

The web developer can control the minimum and maximum options on the Party Size and Length of Stay by commenting out HTML tags for rules you would like them to remove.

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