A token is the thing that populates your email templates with information that is specific to each booking. For example, in a normal email you would type ‘Dear Mr Smith’ but in a template you would put ‘Dear #title# #first_name# #last_name#’ – the areas between the # will be populated with the information from each booking.

Each email and document is editable using the emails or documents pages.  At the top of the editing page there is a token button which opens a menu of all the different types of token you can include in your email or document.

A custom token is a way for you to show certain information in an email or document to certain types of bookings. For example, you may have bookings that come through an agent. If you set up a special agent reference number you are able to create a custom token to show information that an agency booking needs but a normal booking does not.

To create your custom token go to  Setup –> Documentation –> Custom Tokens

You will be asked to choose which category and unit to which you want the token to apply. Once you have done this a new token button will appear.

Click on the button and a pop up will appear. You will need to fill in the fields on the pop up.

The Code is what the token says when it is in the template email, eg. #custom_token# NB. you do not need to input the #

The Name is how the token will appear in the menu.

You can also check the apply to all units box if you want the token to be used for all of your different types of unit.

Once you have clicked OK you new token will appear in a green list.

You will now need to double click on you new token. This will open another pop up which will allow you to choose which types of bookings the token applies to. The drop down menu will show all of the different booking types and their different reference numbers. Next, type the information that you want the token to display.

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