We’ve implemented a useful tool to detect overlapping dates in your existing rate bands. If you have any overlaps in the current year, or in 2018 if you’ve already entered prices for this, you will notice an orange tool bar asking you to address the duplications. The affected rate bands will also be highlighted in orange.

Why do overlapping bands need to be corrected?

Overlapping bands force the system to look at two different rates for the same period of time. This confuses it as it doesn’t know which rate to favour. The monthly search widget may then show a different price to the place booking form, which in turn confuses your customers.

Overlapping bands also mean that you may have double the availability, putting you at risk of double bookings.

What do you need to do if you see the orange alert?

Go to your rates page and see if you have an orange bar on any of your bands. If you do, these dates will need adjusting to eliminate any overlaps.

  • The new functionality means that for any fresh rates put in for new seasons ahead, the system will prevent you from entering duplicate date bands altogether.*
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