You may want to set ‘party size pricing conditions’ when adding your weekly rates. For example, you may want to charge a a weekly rate dependant on the number of people coming on the holiday.

You can create a weekly price for 1 person booking = your price, 2 people booking = your price, 3 people = your price and so on.  Then, you can set ‘ANY’ to the value above all the party member conditions.

Please note: if you leave a gap in the party member number, let’s say you had 2 people = £50 and then 4 people = £100, and then you made a booking for 3 people, this will look at any appropriate bands below it’s current value.

Here is an example:-

Alternatively, you can add pricing and obtain more information on the people coming on the holiday within the Party Member settings. The customer will choose the appropriate unit, and then select the number of Adults, Child and Infants they are bringing.

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