When you receive your Anytime Booking account, the URL (web link) is in this format: https://yourcompanyname.anytimebooking.eu.

Each user will have their own username and password to access the account area.

NB. We recommend that you use either Google Chrome or Firefox to log into the management area.

The Your Account area within Anytime Booking is for storing your account details (company address), general account settings, upload your company logo and organise your Dashboard Widgets.

Your Details: This information is also displayed above the default booking form. Your web address will look something like this https://negys.anytimebooking.eu/place_booking#forward

Account Settings: is an area for global settings to your account.

We have the ability to enable VAT, which calculates the VAT breakdown in any payment breakdown within the email to your customers and Booking Notifications, which send you an email every time new online booking is made or when a customer makes a further payment to you.

We’re bound to whack more settings in there in due course!

Upload Logo: Exactly what it says on the in. It particularly likes .PNG or .JPG files and size doesn’t really matter. Well, nothing bigger than 5MB!

Dashboard Widgets: You can switch the dashboard boxes on or off in view and re-order by clicking and dragging up and down.  You might want to check out the article on the Dashboard Widget, click here.

We also store a copy of your Service Contract (where applicable), Terms and Conditions of using Anytime Booking and invoices from us to you (if you do not receive them automatically via email).

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