This article will guide you through the process of creating a drop-down add-on. A drop-down add-on is very flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, if you have a housekeeping service a drop-down add-on could be used to indicate whether a customer would prefer a mid week, or end of stay house cleaning visit.

The example used in this guide will be for a campsite that requires a user to select the size of tent they are bringing. Depending on the size a relevant cost will be added to the bill.

Creating the Add-On

 To start, navigate to Setup > Configuration > Addons

Select the category and unit it should apply to then click ‘New Addon’. The following screen will appear:

Choose a name for the add-on and an abbreviation which will be used for reporting. If you write a description it will be displayed next to the add-on on the bookings form. At the bottom select ‘Dropdown’ then click ‘Add’.

Once ‘Add’ is clicked the window will pop-up again but with some additions, such as the ‘Dropdown Options’.

Enter the title of one of the drop-down menu options, for this example we want to show either a small or large tent but anything can be chosen. Enter the title and then click ‘Add’. Do this again to indicate the ‘Large’ tent, more can be added but in this case only two are required. Once these have been added two green bars will be displayed under ‘Dropdown Options’.

Adding Rates

Now that the drop-down options have been created the rates can be assigned to them. To do this click on the ‘Rates’ tab at the top of the ‘Update Addon’ window. On the top right there is a drop-down menu with the options that were just created. Click on one to assign a rate to it.

A daily, weekly, fixed, or percentage rate can be chosen. Simply click ‘Add Rate’ and enter the date band and rate. In this case a daily rate will be added, the small tent will be assigned zero cost while the large tent will incur a daily cost of £3. Once the rates have been added for each option they will appear on the page. You can flick between the drop-down options on the top right to confirm they are configured correctly.

Small tent option rates:

Large tent option rates:

Now that the rates have been added you can either finish the configuration by clicking ‘Update’, or click ‘Details’ to select some other options.

Making the Add-on Mandatory

At the moment if this add-on was used the customer has the option to ignore it as it is not a requirement of the booking process. To make it mandatory go onto the ‘Details’ tab, click on the ‘Show Advanced Options’ button then tick ‘Mandatory’. Finally save the changes by clicking ‘Update’.

The End Result

The add-on has been created. The booking process will now display the drop-down menu for the user. In this example two nights are chosen which has calculated a base cost of £20 for that particular unit. The customer has selected the large tent option which will cost £6 for two nights as a £3 daily rate was assigned for it.

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